3D 4D Ultrasounds And Their Benefits

Benefits of 3D 4D Ultrasound

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Before 3d 4d ultrasound scans, mothers had no choice but to wait until delivery to get to see their babies. Pregnancy was thereforea very trying experience considering that no mother was too sure of what she was carrying . Pregnancy has, however turned to be one of the most enjoyable journeys in a woman’s life.  Thanks to 3D 4D ultrasound pregnancy scans. An ultrasound pregnancy scan makes it possible for the doctor and the mother or parents to see the baby long before it is completely ready for delivery.

The ultrasounds are conducted by sonographers to generate realistic images of your growing fetus. This process in turn creates an early bond between you and the baby. There are different kinds of scans depending on the purpose they are intended for. The best thing about the 3D 4D ultrasound baby scan is that they are not invasive, and are done superficially. 3D 4D ultrasounds simply use a safe light technology that makes it possible for the fetus images to be seen clearly and from different angles.

3D 4D ultrasounds are considered safe for every mother and child. While other imaging modalities use radioactive dye, ultrasound transducers send pulses of high frequency sound into the body and then listen for the echo.

When generating a 3D volume the ultrasound data can be collected in 4 common ways. Freehand, which involves tilting the probe and capturing a series of ultrasound images and recording the transducer orientation for each slice. Mechanically, where the internal linear probe tilt is handled by a motor inside the probe. Using an endoprobe, which generates the volume by inserting a probe and then removing the transducer in a controlled manner. The fourth technology is the matrix array transducer that uses beamsteering to sample points throughout a pyramid shaped volume.

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