When is the Best Time to Get a 3D Ultrasound ?

When is the best time to get a 3D Ultrasound is what most soon to be moms inquire about to friends and family. As part of your normal maternity appointments, you’ll receive the traditional 2D and 3D Ultrasounds to check on your baby’s health. While they are milestone moments and appointments to look forward to, they miss some of the details that 3D ultrasounds will offer. There’s always deeper connection between mom and baby when opting for 3D technology.The big question is when to get your 3D ultrasound. Is there a right time? Can you do it right away?

3D Ultrasounds from 14 Weeks
It is possible to have a 3D ultrasound done at 14 weeks. This is your sneak peek of your baby to make sure development looks good. However, there are some elements missing, including gender determination. Due to the development of your baby, it is best to wait until later in your pregnancy for the full 3D experience.

Best 3D Ultrasounds from 24 Weeks
Most 3D ultrasound professionals will suggest waiting until at least 24 weeks gestation. This is the best chance to see the gender, as well as watch your baby move around in the womb.
While it is possible to see most of your baby, there will still be some development needed. Your baby will be more of a skeletal form, as babies don’t start to gain fat until around the 27 week mark.

Waiting Until 27 Weeks+ for a 3D Ultrasound
The majority of 3D ultrasound technicians will encourage you to wait until at least 27 weeks. This is the best time to get that perfect image of your little one in the womb. There is nothing better than this experience, as your will hear the heartbeat, watch them play and explore, and see their gender perfectly. Don’t get your 3D ultrasound too soon. Your doctor will want scans at 12 and 20 weeks for monitoring baby’s health, but for the best 3D experience wait until around 27 weeks or later.

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Amazing 4D Ultrasound Yelp Reviews

Yelp 4D Ultrasound 4d ultrasound Amazing 4D Ultrasound Yelp Reviews photo3I chose a 4D Ultrasound package and went for what turned out to be the most memorable experience of my pregnancy thus far at about 34 weeks. It was incredible. The staff was friendly and helpful. The location was clean and comfortable. I was shocked at how much came with the package. I received a stuffed animal with my babies heartbeat recorded on it. The ultrasound was probably somewhere from 30-45 minutes long. I got a DVD with the really great moments like a smile and a yawn. I got a CD with over 200 pics. I left with a bunch of color and black and white prints. AND I also get to come back when the baby is born for a photo session! I highly recommend this experience to anyone!

Maria K.
Hasbrouck Heights, NJ

We went to Little Images yesterday for a 4D Ultrasound– our expectations were not only met, but far exceeded. Upon us first doing our 3d scan, the tech advised us that our baby boy was in a breech position & that he had his hands in front of his face- this position made a good view of his face difficult– though they had a full house of appointments, Danielle offered for us to go for a walk with hope that doing so would encourage the baby to move to a better position– after our walk, they retried the scan and when still seeing that our baby boy did not move position as we’d hoped & that his face was still covered, Danielle immediately invited us to come back for another complimentary appointment two weeks later— this notion is one of the many things that makes Little Images a 5-star business!

Zahra C.
Edgewater, NJ

Danielle is lovely and so is the place facility. I’ve heard a lot of people had to huddle around a little monitor to see the baby. We got to see the 4D Ultrasound on projected on the wall. It was super exciting and literally larger than life. :) 4d ultrasound Amazing 4D Ultrasound Yelp Reviews simple smile

Would recommend to anyone!

Stefani B.
Morristown, NJ

This place was AMAZING. The owner is incredibly nice and you feel so comfortable from the moment you enter to the moment you leave. My baby girl was being a little difficult and kept putting her hand in front of her face, and the 4D Ultrasound tech was so patient and offered many suggestions to get her moving! She ended up giving us her iPhone to play music into my belly to get the baby moving and it worked! We have amazingly clear pictures of our beautiful baby girl and a DVD of her in action. Also, we purchased the baby’s heart beat stuffed animal which is very cool.

5 stars! It is so worth the money! Ill never forget this and I will definitely come back if I get pregnant again.


Nicole L.
Redbank, NJ

As a first time client, my spouse and I had a wonderful experience. The atmosphere was nice and calming, the owner knew exactly what she was doing and connected with myself and my spouse. She made us feel comfortable, explained everything that was happening, and provided wonderful images of our little boy. You could see the passion and love she has for what she does which is rare to find. I would definitely recommend Little Images for your 4D Ultrasound. If we decide to have a second child we would definitely come back for another 4D Ultrasound. Thank you for providing us with an awesome 1st experience and allowing us to enjoy our first child before he comes arrives.