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YES, we take beautiful pictures too.

Little Images 4D is one of the most sought after maternity, newborn and family photography studio in NJ. Their work creates an enjoyable and giggle-filled experience, while delivering stunning portraits of the highest quality. Recognized worldwide for their fresh style, creative perspectives, and portraiture that celebrates the love and joy of families.With many years of experience with newborn photography, Little Images 4D specializes in lifestyle newborn pictures. Little Images 4D has gained a reputation as an esteemed NJ studio for newborn pictures. Their newborn pictures celebrate the infant’s flawless natural beauty. As a seasoned newborn picture studio, Little Images 4D’s newborn pictures are infused with the excitement of a new baby. Newborn picture clients love their attention to detail, and their newborn pictures closely focuses on the wrinkles, tiny fingers and toes. Most importantly, their newborn pictures capture the joy of motherhood, and the special bond between parents and baby. Those first years with your children pass so quickly, and professional photography is a way to preserve these precious moments forever.Newborn Picutures


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Photography Prices

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  • All Jpeg Images $500.00
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  • Images on a USB $50.00

Newborn pictures are best done within the first 4 weeks of birth, while babies are sleeping deeply and curling up naturally into those adorable womb like poses. Older babies often squirm and become fussy making it very difficult to capture the moment. Babies that are a few months old rarely hold still and often squirm and as they grow older. Not to mention, colic and baby acne can flare up around this time. However, with newborns, you rarely get that lack of cooperation. Because newborns sleep ninety percent of the time, the newborn picture session becomes much easier for posing and photographing them.

Your newborn pictures should be scheduled within 5 days of birth. Newborn pictures generally lasts under 1 hour. Little Images 4D views your newborn pictures as a continuation of a previous 3d 4d ultrasound session and the start of a beautiful relationship. We look forward to capturing your newborn pictures, maternity pictures, family pictures, and cake smash pictures to be treasured for years to come. Little Image’s newborn picture studio serves all neighborhoods in Hudson County, Union County, and Essex County.

Little Images reserves the right to only release “artists choice” and will not under any circumstance release raw images. Clients may use the images for personal use only. Images may not be redistributed, published, or altered in any way. If images are used for publication they must first request to do so from Little Images 4D. Little Images 4D reserves the right to bill for any publication or redistribution.


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